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ENN Deposit

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Evening Night Night (ENN): Introducing the future of biodynamic lighting. Our patented 'dumb bulb' is anything but ordinary.

Three Modes, One Bulb: Tailored to seamlessly transition through your day:

    • Sleep :  Fire like ambiance, engineered to exclude blue and green light, fostering uninterrupted rest.
    • Soothe : Very warm, yet colour accurate mode for colorful sleep prep.
    • Mellow : Soft, warm illumination with a CRI of 96+, soothing to the eyes.

Simplicity at its Best: We've reimagined the light bulb to prioritise your well-being. No apps, no complications. Simply flip the switch off and on to change modes. With the safe night light always activating first due to the 15-second renewal cycle, you'll never be caught off-guard with the wrong light.

Experience the EEN difference and let light work for you, naturally.

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