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Meet Vitae, The All Day Bulb


At noon, the sun's rays have the shortest path through the atmosphere, providing a blue-rich light that sharpens focus. Match this natural energy by choosing a bright, blue-enriched setting that mimics the sun at its peak.


As the sun nears the horizon, its rays travel a longer path through the atmosphere, scattering more blue light and leaving a warm glow. Transition your environment to softer, warm tones to signal the body's natural wind-down time.


With the sun set, the absence of blue light is our natural signal to rest. Our red-toned lighting mimics this ancestral environment, free from blue light to maintain your natural sleep rhythms without interference.


300Kč deposit, renews at 65Kč / month

Buyout / Replace / Return - anytime

  • Same product as the full priced bulb
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Free replacement shipping

Blue light blocking


During a full moon, the typical lunar illuminance is around 0.05 to 0.1 lux, but under exceptional conditions like a supermoon, it can go up to 0.26 to 0.30 lux.

But even such a tiny input drives the monthly cycles of the whole natural world, like animal behavior, plant growth, human sleep and behavior.

For comparison your phone on minimum brightness still shines somewhere around 0.44 lux from about 20cm distance.

So your body likely experiences a supermoon on steroids every single day before you go to sleep.

Only recommended in small bathrooms

When selecting a light fixture, consider using Vitae for desk, nightstand lamps or floor lamps. Vitae is designed to provide localized eye-level light, which can help create a welcoming and comfortable environment. It's important to note that singular bulbs are generally not recommended for ceiling lights as they do not provide sufficient brightness. However, in small rooms, Vitae can still work as a ceiling light.

We believe in simplicity.

If app operated, vitae would no longer be night safe, since it would require you use your phone and thus possibly exposing you to blue light.

Benefits of the manual approach:

  • Decreases screen time
  • Easy use for small children and elderly people
  • No WiFi dependancy
  • Energy efficiency - no standby energy consumption
  • Reliability

Rooted in Innovation

Our bulbs are born from dedicated research and development. Each bulb carries a legacy of ingenuity, delivering a unique lighting experience to honor your circadian rhythm.

Hynek Medřický

Inventor of Vitae
Vitae Store Prague

Sázavská 2031, Prague 2, Vinohrady, 120 00

Mon - Thu 9:30 - 16:30

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